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Amy is performing a CT in Radiology

Performing a CT in Radiology

Diagnostic X-Ray and Imaging Services at NFCH

Whether for diagnosis or treatment, we provide a full range of imaging services including CT scan, DEXA bone density scans, mammograms, ultrasound, general and vascular ultrasound, nuclear stress testing, nuclear medicine and diagnostic x-ray procedures.  You can be assured that our professionally trained staff will be with you every step of the way.

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)allows access to a reading radiologists 24/7 for emergency exams, plus eliminates film files which can be lost or damaged and replaces them with electronically stored images.

CT – The New CT scanner decreases exam times significantly.  Tests that would have taken up to one hour can now be completed in 5 – 10 minutes with image quality that is state-of-the-art. Click here for basic facts and information about this test. 

DEXA Scan– bone density scanning – is an enhanced form of low dose x-ray technology and is the gold standard for measuring the density of your bones.  Bones densitometry is the test for evaluation of osteoporosis.  The measurement of bone minerals is very closely related to bone strength and your liklihood for bone fractures.  Here at NFCH, we scan your spine or hip in a private room.  It is simlpe, painless and non-invasive procedure which takes about 15 minutes.

MRI is available two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Offering the latest MRI/MRA applications for abnormal studies, neurological and orthopaedic studies.  Faster scan times provide greater patient comfort.  We provide greater access  and same day appointments are available by calling 850-415-8111.

Mammography services are provided at NFCH.  We are proud to introduce to the community a new self-referral mammogram program.  Screening mammograms arecovered by most insurances yearly for women over the age of 40.  In this new program, a female Registered Nurse provides in-depth education on self-breast exams, performs a Clinical Breast Exam, and then a female Radiology Technician performs the screening mammogram.  Call 415-8111 to schedule your screening self-referral mammogram at NFCH where we “treat you like family”.