Northwest Florida Community Hospital

Centralized Scheduling 415-8111

If you have a healthcare provider’s order, you can call and likely get same day service at Northwest Florida Community Hospital.

The types of tests we schedule are:

  • MRI

  • CT Scans

  • Mammograms (screening and diagnostic)

  • Breast Ultrasounds

  • Other types of ultrasounds

  • DEXA Scans

  • EEG

  • Nuclear Medicine – Stress Tests

  • Holter Monitor

*You may walk in and schedule your EKG or other out-patient X-rays for same day with the correct documentation from your healthcare provider.

*If you are age 40 and older and only need a screening mammogram and have a healthcare provider, please utilize our Self-Referral Mammogram Program. You will receive a Clinical Breast Exam, receive one on one education regarding breast self exams you can do better at home. Good news: this service does not require a physician’s order. Call 415-8111 to schedule your annual screening mammogram today.